Review - GDPU - Clydebank CC vs Hamilton CC (Away)

Clydebank CC 294 - Hamilton CC 321

15 October 2015

The evening got off to a poor start thanks to roadworks on the motorway and a couple of wrong turns before I finally arrived at Hamilton Camera Club’s building to meet our travelling fan club members, John Gilmore and Elizabeth Kemp.  

After a warm reception from our hosts we took our seats as the lights went down and settled in for an evening of friendly competition and some great images but no popcorn. Our judge for the evening was Lorna McDonald from Alba PS who started the evening with the usual caveat that the scores and comments given were only her opinion and other judges may well have different views and not to take them too personally (as if we would).

After the first 10 images we were slightly behind Hamilton Camera Club with 70 points to their 77 points but full of hope. By the halfway stage we were still trailing but had managed to close the gap ever so slightly to 144 points to their 150 points and we got a nice cup of tea and a biscuit to cheer us up. However, with the final set of images Hamilton Camera Club brought out their big guns, including the onlyimage to score 20 points and they surged ahead to a winning score 321 to 294.  While not the best start to the season at least we have some good constructive criticism we can hopefully use to improve our future changes. 

It just remains to congratulate Hamilton Camera Club on their well-deserved win.

Post-match review by club member - Andy Magee